訂購流程 Order Process

信用卡付款 Credit card
  • 1.選擇商品
  • 2.加入購物車
  • 3.選擇『信用卡』付款方式
  • 4.填寫相關資料
  • 5.完成訂購
  • 6.訂單完成,秤商品重量後,另會提供運費費用網址
  • 7.付款完成後隔日出貨(例假日除外)
  • 1. Select products
  • 2. Add to Cart
  • 3.Select Credit Card Payment
  • 4. Complete information
  • 5.Order completed
  • 6.Order fulfillment, balance the weight of goods, the freight cost will be provided at the other
  • 7.Shipped next day after payment (except holidays)
其他付款方式 Other payment methods

國外訂購費用說明 Costs


國外訂購付款方式 Payments

  • 網站直接先訂購商品完成付款
  • 付款完成後會於隔日提供運費賣場讓您完成付款
  • 收到款項後隔天將商品寄出

訂貨查尋運送狀態 Track Shipments


國外訂貨售後服務 After-sale service

  • 商品是寄至到國外,本站在出貨前會特別檢查以下商品問題:
  • 破損、污漬,寄送到國外無法享有退換貨的服務,因雙方對商品瑕疵的定義及認知上的差異,如有特別請我們注意的部分,也請在出貨前先行告知,以避免收到商品時導致不必要的誤會發生, 如同意再進一步完成交易,非常感謝。
  • 如有任何的問題可於上班時間:週一 ~ 週五 AM 9:00~PM 5:30 (例假日休息)
  • 線上客服MSN:tianmu-gotobuy@hotmail.com
  • 客服信箱:gotobuy@tianmu.com.tw
  • Our Company will ship the products after fully quality check. Due to it’s an overseas shipment, our company won’t provide any service and product replacement if the item is under certain conditions such as damaging, stains etc. Please informed us in advanced if there is certain part that you are more concerned,therefore; we can advoice misunderstanding and provide better service for you. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions,
  • our working hours are from 9:00 AM ~ 5:30 PM,Monday to Friday.
  • On-line Service MSN:tianmu-gotobuy@hotmail.com
  • MAIL:gotobuy@tianmu.com.tw

批發訂購流程 Order Procedures


批發訂購折扣說明 Discount Information

  • 單次購滿三萬元,可享 85折 優惠
  • 單次購滿五萬元,可享 7折 優惠
  • 如單次購買以上金額即可享優惠折扣
  • 如挑選商品為組合商品、特價商品、加購商品無法計算在滿額總金額內唷!
  • ***請注意:可享購物折扣總金額不含寄送的運費唷!***
  • 15% Off with NT 30,000 purchase per order
  • 30% Off with NT 50,000 purchase per order
  • Each purchase reaches the qualification listed upon will have discount individually.
  • Combined products and products with special discounts are discluded in the amount of the promotion.
  • ***Note: Shipping fee are extra charged.***

運送方式說明 Shipping Information


訂購付款方式 Payments

1. By Credit Card
  • 網站直接先訂購商品完成付款
  • Order through website and complete the payment
  • 付款完成後於三日內(不含假日)提供運費賣場讓您完成付款
  • Shipping fee will be offered on the next day after the payment has been completed.
  • 收到款項後隔天將商品寄出
  • After the payment has been processed, the items that you have ordered will be shipped on the next day.

訂貨售後服務 After-sale service

  • 本站在出貨前會特別檢查以下商品問題:
  • 破損、污漬,批發因以折扣販售無法享有退換貨的服務,因雙方對商品瑕疵的定義及認知上的差異, 如有特別請我們注意的部分,也請在出貨前先行告知,以避免收到商品時導致不必要的誤會發生, 如同意再進一步完成交易,非常感謝。
  • 如有任何的問題可於上班時間:週一 ~ 週五 AM 9:00~PM 5:30 (例假日休息)
  • 線上客服MSN:tianmu-gotobuy@hotmail.com
  • 客服信箱:gotobuy@tianmu.com.tw
  • The products are under the following strict inspections before been shipped: damage, stains, unable to return the item or exchange with other products with same value due to discount, or the difference definition and cognition in product defects. Please inform us if there is any speticular request to avoid discord and misunderstanding. The shippment will be processed after confirmation. We appreciate your understanding. If you have more question, please contact us via on-line customer service tianmu-gotobuy@hotmail.com or e-mail gotobuy@tianmu.com.tw during our office time. Office hours are Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM.
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